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An American In Switzerland Welcome back to an ongoing series of weekly reflections on the tiny shifts that change everything


Europe basically shuts down in August and goes on vacation. Roads are quiet, the streets are empty and wherever you go, folks have the laid back vibe of being at the beach.

Stores, restaurants and lodging are open, but forget about getting any business done. That's what makes August in Europe so magical - since there's no point in trying to get anything done, everyone just relaxes and and enjoys it!

In that spirit, here's a few pics of what we've been enjoying!

Prussian Summer Palace in Potsdam from a visit to Berlin

Our breakfast spot on the Greek Island of Samos

Swimming in the Aegean was pure magic

The Parthenon

I'll be "back in the office" next week, so please take advantage of one or both discounted sessions I'm offering between August 29 through September 2.

If you’d like to explore one-on-one coaching, please schedule a time to connect here.


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