As a coach, I take a stand for my client's authenticity and help them move through the pain and suffering caused by living less than authentic lives. This journey starts with experiences and questions to uncover what authentic means to you, what you long for, and what vision you have for your life. Dipping into the well of desire and dreams also opens doors to feelings, emotions and other energies that have been locked away.


With a clear idea of where you want to go, and your heart and mind aligned, putting the time and effort into change looks a whole lot different. When you're striving for something that matters deeply to you, new ideas, possibilities and energy are available.

I've worked with hundreds of clients to clarify their goals and dreams and then reach them on skis, on bikes and in kayaks for more than thirty years. I still get to do that each winter as a private ski instructor in Telluride, CO.

When I'm not skiing, I live in Seattle, and work throughout the year with a select number of private coaching clients in many locations to create sustainable change through transformative coaching experiences. If you're interested in experiencing what coaching is like with me, please click the button below to schedule time to connect.

My passion as a coach is sharing the wonder and joy of being alive. This calling, before I even knew it as that, led me to abandon college, get in my car, and drive west to experience mountains and wilderness I had only read about. I spent that first winter living and skiing out of a mining shack three miles above Telluride, Colorado. When the snow melted, I backpacked through the American West, ending the summer on the Washington coast where a fisherman picked me up and asked me to join his crew. 


Since then I've followed my heart and aligned my time, effort and beliefs with my values and dreams. I married, helped raise a daughter, and now delight in being an Opa to two grankids. I've fished in Alaska, owned an outdoor store, created a cross-country ski area, taught skiing, guided bike tours, wrote a book, managed a downhill ski school, and led a community non-profit.

Coaching 101

I'm a Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC), but what the heck does that mean and why would you care?

Let's start with what a life coach is and go from there.

What's a Life Coach? You hire a sports coach to make changes and achieve goals more quickly and with less wasted effort. A life coach, as your creative thought, strategy, and accountability partner, does the same for your life. The main difference is that a sports coach is the subject expert, while you are the expert in life coaching, since the subject is you. Coaching is hard to describe, but easy to understand once you experience it. Please contact me to set up a free sample sessions to experience more.

What's a Co-Active Coach? A co-active coach focuses on who you need to be and what you need to do to create change or reach a goal. I received my initial training and was certified by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). To learn more about co-active coaching and training, visit What Is Co-Active?

How do you know if coaching is for you? Effective coaching depends on a safe and caring relationship based on what both the client and the coach need and want from each other and the coaching relationship we create. Contact me to set up a call to explore what you're looking for and determine if working together will be fun and worthwhile for both of us!

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