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Four Peppers

I don't know about you, but I'd rather skip the process of creating something new or making a change and go straight to the result. The problem is that’s about as effective as holding a seed in your hand and hoping for a plant full of delicious fruit. To get the fruit, you must grow the plant.

Ready to transplant

Each spring, I grow peppers Chef Lucas gave me, whom I met at a dinner he catered for a ski client in Telluride. His cuisine was always bursting with flavor and spice without being too spicy. When I asked for his secret, he told me it was the peppers he grew at home. The next time we met, he gave me four of his peppers that came from plants found only in his grandmother's garden in the Italian region of the Swiss Alps. I was delighted and amazed by his gift!

All tucked into their new homes

I planted some of the seeds that spring and saved the rest for later. When the little sprouts started to show, I was thrilled. As they grew, I moved them outside under a cover borrowed from a neighbor. When the weather warmed, I transferred them into larger pots. I took them indoors when fall arrived and continued fussing over them until they were ready to harvest, just in time for Thanksgiving. I strung the red jewels on dental floss. I kept one to add to the three from Lucas and hung the rest in my kitchen to flavor my dishes. I began growing these peppers to honor Chef Lucas' gift and to ensure his grandmother's pepper variety was preserved for future generations. Now it’s a ritual that reminds me to tend to my desires and longings with the same care I give Chef Lucas’ seeds.

Swiss Geraniums - simply amazing

This spring, I'm growing Chef Lucas' seeds in Geneva, “just over the hill” from the garden where it all began. As I develop workshops and retreats based on my recent insights into the Power of Awe and The Immunity to Change Process, I’m doing my best to be as patient and intentional as I am with my peppers. I look forward to sharing the peppers and other fruits of my labor with you once they are fully grown! As a professional coach, my expertise is helping you experience a rich and fulfilling life as defined by you. To dip your toes into how I do that, join me for an in-person or online awe walk in Seattle, WA. If you want to jump into the deep end, please schedule a time to talk.

To Awe and Beyond!

Steve Hindman

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