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I cross over a creek on my way to work that drains all the water from the Verbier basin and the peaks above town. Feeling its power, I've made it a habit to stop and and stand on the bridge every time I cross. I listen to the rumble and roar. I feel the wind flowing down from the high peaks and the mist from the raging water. The power of the creek flowing into and through me leaves me feeling seen and recognized by the creek and that the creek feels seen and recognized by me.

The Matterhorn from a quick visit last week

Standing there, I'm enough, and my life, just as it is, is enough. Feeling like that twice a day is showing me when and where I feel less than enough and how I close and contract my body when I feel that way.

Preferring to feel like I am enough but not wanting to stand there all day, I'm practicing feeling like the creek is flowing into and through me three times a day when I'm not on the bridge to see if I can wire that sense and shape of being and having enough into my psyche and soma.

I can't report any conclusive results yet, but working to keep this sense and shape alive in me is already starting to open up new ways of being and doing.

What are you Practicing?

Au revoir for now Steve Hindman

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