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Evening sky and cliff top plants above Palermo, Sicily

Yesterday was my first outdoor bike ride since getting a new knee. I headed up Lake Geneva on Rue de Lausanne because it's flat and has a wide bike lane. I rode slowly, choosing an easier gear when I felt any hint of strain and turned around at 11 km. It was great to be back out on a bike. Yesterday's ride would have barely been a warm-up in the past, so riding it slow and with intention was a revelation. I marveled at sights I’d never noticed before. Small grades that are hard to keep pace on were barely noticeable at yesterday's pace that was slow as needed. Construction detours and detritus that make one town tricky to ride through became just the ever-changing bike path to follow.

3000 year old temple in Agrigento, Sicily from our trip there last week

Slowing down renewed a ride that had become routine since I sent my first “An American in Switzerland” newsletter a year ago. Slowing down also made me realize how getting comfortable and settled in a new place can dull the enlivening experience of living somewhere new. For the coming year, I look forward to slowing down, speeding up, and doing whatever else it takes to make being an American in Switzerland an enlivening experience for me and for you. Keep your eyes peeled for future installments of these Weekly reflections on the small shifts that change everything.


As I've written about in previous posts, experiencing and sharing Awe is what keeps me engaged and excited about being alive. If being engaged and excited about being alive sounds good to you, join me for a free hybrid Walk Into Awe on Saturday, May 20 from 9-11:30 am Central Daylight Time. We’ll meet online for 30 minutes, walk into Awe on our own wherever we are for 30 minutes, then reconvene online from 11-11:30 to share our experiences. To join, register here. Au revoir for now! Steve Hindman +41 (0)79 796 08 97 WhatsApp +1 (360) 303-0473 Expand Your Experience!


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