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Joy and excitement for the upcoming ski season used to be all I felt as winter approached. This week feelings of sadness and loss were mixed in with joy and excitement as I watched geese stream south for the winter.

Fall colors above Lake Geneva, winter in the Mont Blanc Massif

I resisted these emotions when when they first appeared in the early fall of my life a dozen years ago, but resisting them didn’t make them go away. As I’ve gotten more comfortable with feeling more of what's present, I’ve been surprised to find that expanding my emotional range to include grief, sadness, and loss has also expanded my ability to feel joy, wonder, and excitement. I miss the younger me that got energized by winter while everyone else went into mourning for summer, but becoming more alive to an expanded range of feelings and experience has more than made up for who I’ve left behind. If you're interested in coming more alive by expanding your emotional range, please contact me to schedule an introductory call.


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