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Comfort with Discomfort

- Welcome back to the third in a series of weekly reflections on the tiny shifts that change everything.

After 5 days of training and orientation in Verbier, and teaching with another instructor on my first lesson, I still struggled to remember the names of lifts, where they went, and how to interpret the trail signs. On the slopes, I felt like a blue skier at best on the steep and narrow pistes.

I woke up tense and anxious on the first day I was scheduled to instruct on my own. The more I thought about it the worse it was until I slowed down just enough to take a deep breath and get a grip. Ok, it was true I didn’t know the ski area or the surrounding mountains or have the ski skills of many of the locals. And it was also true I had years of experience and the ability to connect and create magic with every client I’d have the privilege to work with. Taking that small step away from my doubts got me out the door of my air BNB and to my next lesson. My anxiety and self-doubt didn’t vanish, but it was a small first step toward developing an increased capacity to tolerate the discomfort of not knowing and not feeling good enough and still show up ready to deliver.

Realizing I can feel anxiety and not good enough and still bring my A game to what’s in front of me has been a real game changer. It gives me tremendous freedom and a delicious sense of space that allows me to be fully present and to contribute all I have to offer in situations where I was uneasy and restricted in the past.

If you want to bring your A game to what’s important to you, even when you feel less qualified than you'd like or too unsure to even try, click here to find a time to talk and we'll explore how to expand your experience of your life.

If you know of someone else who might be interested, please contact me directly.

Thanks for reading!

Steve Hindman

+41 (0)79 796 08 97

Expand Your Experience!

Au revoir for now!

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