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This is the time of year when leaves fall, skies darkens, and the world snuggles into the comforts of home. This naturally reflective season is a perfect time to settle into ourselves and appreciate who, where and what we are.

My recent blogs focused on language and ways of thinking that help or hinder us in creating the life we desire. Baked into those posts is an assumption that changing our patterns of thought, belief and action are crucial to creating change and achieving goals.

The missing ingredient is the necessity of starting from where we are now, with no pretense or judgment. Thanksgiving offers the ritual of pausing with friends and family to give thanks for our lives. To acknowledge, appreciate, and thank the people and circumstances that helped us become who we are today. To find and feel gratitude for the moment and for the life we have.

Gratitude is also an important and practical daily habit to practice. It opens us up to what is good in our life and the world around us, and makes it easier to accept and love the life we have right now. It’s the perfect antidote to the holiday blues and social network malaise of feeling less than, not as good as, and so on as compared to the greeting card version of other's lives on their social media feed.

In the garden, fall is the time when plants pause and allow gravity to pull their energy down into their roots. Over the winter, that energy is directed to strengthening and preparing their root systems for the next growing season. Gratitude is a way to allow your own energies, dreams, and desires, as well as your worries, doubts, and anxieties, to settle down into your roots where they can reform into the new beliefs and motivations to fuel your next growth spurt.

What are you grateful for this season?

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