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Training Plan

Geneva feels more like home now that we’ve lived here for a year. The comfort and ease that familiarity brings is welcome, but part of me misses the unsettled intensity that made it easy to stay focused on what I needed to do each day.

Late fall ride along the Rhône

As my day-to-day begins to feel more familiar, familiar habits that distract and divert me have crept back in. The difference is now I notice.

Recognizing and resisting those habits or ways of being can be surprisingly uncomfortable at times, but a year of being shook out of my old patterns and inspired to go for what Switzerland offers makes it harder to ignore the costs of not doing what I want to do each day.

Trusting that turning back to what I intended to do when I get distracted over and over again is part of a training program to change that pattern and not indicative of a deadly character flaw has also been helpful.

I’d love to hear how you work with your own habits and distractions. If you’re willing to share, please drop me an email.


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