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An American In Switzerland

~ a weekly reflection about change

Welcome back to the ninth in a series of weekly reflections on the tiny shifts that change everything Sitting and sipping coffee by myself in a quiet space is a ritual I look forward to and count on. It's how I settle into myself and my day. When the initial 2020 lockdown upended the world, I added formal meditation to my morning coffee practice. My mediation practice faded as the world and I struggled to find a new rhythm, but the pleasure and power of noticing I experienced in meditation has stuck with me. What I call noticing is paying attention to what's outside of, beyond, and more than just me without acting on or reacting to what I notice. It’s part of my morning coffee ritual now in Switzerland and is how I slow down and add a bit of mindfulness to each day, regardless of what else is on tap. What I notice is different each day, which is one reason it attracts me enough to keep doing it. One day last week it was noticing the different and separate trees in the park across the street and how they fade into cardboard cutouts near the horizon. Yesterday it was noticing a swallow as it did a series of barrel rolls while chasing and eating bugs for breakfast. This morning it was marveling at how quickly these newly sprouted wildflowers reach back toward the sun when I spin the pot 180 degrees to encourage straighter and more vertical growth.

Somedays, I settle in and do a more formal meditative practice, but I find mindful morning coffee gives me a mini version of that same break from my internal spin and sputter in a habit that's far easier to do every day. If taking a daily break from yourself sounds good, find your own daily habit, whatever that might be, and use it as a reminder to pause and shift your focus and attention to what's happening outside yourself and your own internal world. When you do, I think you'll discover it's like stepping outside a stuffy room and taking a breath of sweet, cool, fresh air! If you'd like to get curious about creating rituals and other habits that can get you moving towards your dreams and desires, take advantage of a discounted session I'm offering between July 18 and 22. If you’d like to explore one-on-one coaching, please schedule a time to connect here.


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