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Making Adjustments

Ski and ski teaching season started in mid-December with 7 days of training. By the time I returned to Geneva for Christmas with Hannah, I could barely walk. I had planned and prepared to thrive and survive this season without replacing my second knee, but now that plan needed adjusting.

My first reaction was to tell the ski schools I couldn’t teach this year and find a doc that could see me soon. Then I settled down and did a little self-coaching by asking myself, “what do I want, why do I want it, and what do I need to start doing to achieve that?”

What I wanted was to listen to my body, share the joy and wonder of being alive in this world on skis this winter, and enjoy some of the biking and hiking season in Switzerland this summer with Hannah. Why I wanted it is because I know I have to listen to my body or suffer the consequences, sharing the joy and wonder of being alive in this world feeds my soul, and hiking and biking in Switzerland with Hannah makes my heart sing.

Now I knew what to do. I adjusted my teaching schedule, skied easier or not at all when I wasn’t teaching, and started looking for the right doc near Geneva to replace my knee.

So far, so good. I went back to teaching full days by the end of the holidays, which resulted in an incredibly rich and satisfying experience with the clients and the instructor I worked with. My knee is feeling much better, and it feels good to start moving toward replacing my knee instead of fretting about it.

I may need to make more adjustments as the season progresses, but if I do, I’ll be able to act instead of reacting knowing what I want and why I want it.

If you'd like a partner to help you explore what you want, why you want it, and how to get it, I can do that. If so, don't wait. Schedule time to explore what you want, why you want it, and how to achieve it now.


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