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Just Feel It

Mont Blanc above the fog from the Saleve

Clear views from above the fog faded into early winter gray this week. In the Alps, glacier skiing is in full swing and more resorts are opening each day. I’m excited to start skiing and instructing and I'm feeling overwhelmed! There's just so much to do before the season begins, and I'm realizing how little time I'll have to ski and be with Hannah while working for two ski schools in Switzerland and making plans to instruct in Telluride in March.

In the fog

Struggling to cope, I remembered what I learned from my daughter's high school drama coach and a close friend when my daughter asked me to marry her. Honored to be asked, I also knew getting through the ceremony without sobbing was going to be tough, so I asked Drue for help. Drue formatted a script to improve my diction and delivery, but I learned what's stayed with me ever since while rehearsing with her: feel all my emotions and say what I have to say. Her coaching worked - marrying my daughter with a full heart andoverflowing eyes is one of my fondest memories. Remembering Drue's advice now, I’ve been feeling my anxiety and sadness and my excitement and sharing that with Hannah. This hasn't made the sadness and anxiety go away, but I'm calmer, more relaxed, and more present with myself and Hannah as I get ready and get psyched to slide on snow again!

Helping clients deal with the challenge or take advantage of the opportunity in front of them and looking at what else there is to learn is what I do as a coach. If you’d like to experience how that works, please book a complimentary exploratory session here.


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