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Pulling In

The crisp and sunny weather early fall weather has turned to the clouds, rain, and fog of late autumn. I’m sad to lose the light and warmth of the sun but another part of me welcomes the invitation to pull back into my roots as trees do when the light fades. Feeling and responding to the seasons of the year, and the seasons of your life, can bring you present with yourself and the present moment with beauty and grace.

Limmit River in Zurich in late September

As the sun fades toward solstice, what are you noticing about the world around you and about yourself? What are you being invited to do or not do? When you slow down and turn inside with the season, what’s there?

Turning inside offers a chance to check in with what our bodies know about our life and how's it going. Focusing is a method of listening to another that helps them connect to what is bodily sensed but unclear and to follow it to where they want to go. To gain more practical experience with this method I've studied over the past two years, I'm looking for others to practice with. If you are interested and willing to help me out, please email me to take advantage of 5 free focusing sessions I'm offering this month.


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