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An American In Switzerland

~ a weekly reflection about change

Welcome back to the tenth in a series of weekly reflections on the tiny shifts that change everything My brother John has been visiting us in Geneva to enjoy Switzerland and watch the stages of the Tour de France that passed close by.

Watching and riding parts of the Tour de France was a bucket list item for both of us, but what’s been even more amazing is the richness and wonder that’s unfolded out of the time and effort we committed to turning our shared dream into a reality. I dug deep into the routes and the towns on the tour and how to use the train system to get around as I made plans for our tour days: now I have a much deeper grasp of where I’m living, how to get out and enjoy it, and some ideas for where I want to go next. To prepare for riding parts of the tour, John dove back into riding and fitness and rekindled a passion for riding he had put aside over the past few years as he built his family and business.

For the non-tour days, we co-created all kinds of big and small adventures including early morning rides through farms with coffee stops at cafes I’d passed by but never visited, took the little yellow ferry boat across Lake Geneva from right in front of our apartment simply to see where it went, and a last-minute train ride to Lausanne to tour the International Olympic Committee Museum.

While chasing the tour, we stayed at Guest House du Grand Paradis in Champéry on the recommendation one of the owners of Bike Switzerland where I rented a bike for John.

The location and the lodge were amazing, but conversations and connections we made with the couple who owned it were epic. Both us will be back.

Putting aside two weeks from our ‘regular lives” has also woven new depth and texture into the rich connection John and I already shared. The bottom line is pursuing what you want and what attracts you will pull you into experiences, connections, and slices of life you’d totally miss otherwise. If there’s something you truly want to do that you’ve been putting off, start making plans and then go do it. No matter what happens, I guarantee your life will be richer for the tim and effort it takes.

If you'd like to get into action and start doing whatever it is you want to do, take advantage of a discounted session I'm offering between July 18 and 22. If you’d like to explore one-on-one coaching, please schedule a time to connect here.


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