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Choosing what seeds to nurture and grow in the new year is very different than making new year’s resolutions, as seeds require very specific conditions to sprout, grow, and thrive.

I’m not sure which seeds or plants I want to nurture and grow in 2023, but after moving from Washington State to Colorado and then back, ending one marriage and starting a new one, changing and creating careers, living through Covid times, and moving to Switzerland over the last 12 years, I want to plant a perennial seed or plant that will grow roots and come back year after year.

Knowing that weeds out a lot of other options and defines the growing conditions and ongoing care I need to prepare for before I choose what perennial I want to plant, nurture and grow.

What project, desire, need, dream, or whatever do you want bad enough to commit to learning what it takes to sprout and grow it and then to tend it to fruition in the new year?


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