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Change Can Be Fun!

My 65th in Courmayeur

Welcome back to the sixth in a series of weekly reflections on the tiny shifts that change everything

Change Can Be Fun!

The challenges and effort of creating a new life in Switzerland were the topics of my first newsletters because, to be honest, I was surprised how much I resisted it and how much I had to learn. And…there’s always more to the story. Beyond the uncertainty and discomfort that comes with change are the amazement and delight of what I get to see, do, and experience when I look up and open my heart and eyes with curiosity and presence.

That’s the funny thing about change. No matter how welcome or disruptive it is, as soon as you get just a bit used to it, old distractions and other habits of avoiding what’s here right now come roaring back. Having a new and exciting world to explore and enjoy just outside my window is making it easier to form new habits that get me out and taking advantage of what’s here right now - because I won’t be right here forever! This week I want to share a few pics of the fun I’m finding in change and to invite you to look for your own moments of joy and delight in whatever is right here right now for you. If you haven’t moved to Switzerland recently, you may have to look harder within your day-to-day routine, but I bet there’s something in there, no matter how small it may seem, that really lights you up. if you’re willing to share what you find, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching, please click here. If you want to find more joy and wonder in your life, click here to take advantage of two half price 90 minutes coaching sessions I'm offering between June 27 and July 1.

Thank you for reading!

One of our first gravel rides last fall seemed to lead across the top of this beautiful old trestle. Crossing seemed like a very bad idea with the heavy passenger train traffic moving at 100 km/hr, so we were delighted to find this alternative beneath the train tracks.

On the beautiful and extensive cross-county ski trail network in the Jura less than an hour away

We saw a poster for the Engadin Ski Marathon and here we are with 10,000 other crazy souls!

Under the rainbow on a bike ride just outside Geneva

Stopping for café and thé on top of the Jura, a steep but relatively small mountain range within an hour of Geneva, with newfound friends at one of the many buvettes that pop up along the trails

So happy to be at the top of this hot and unrelenting climb with a bunch more newfound friends on a Bike Switzerland Club ride

A small slice of the beauty and diversity of the farm fields just outside Geneva – photo credit Andy, who with his wife was one of our first friends from Seattle to visit and stay with us in Geneva.


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