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Until recently, my opinion of skiing in the Alps was it is steep, crowded, and limited, unless you had local knowledge of terrain, snow, and avalanche conditions to venture beyond the trail boundaries.

Skiing towards La Dole in the Jura above Geneva

What’s closer to the truth is resorts high enough to have reliable snow are often steep, crowded, and have limited on-piste skiing. What’s also true is many ski areas located a bit lower offer delightful, low-key, easier-to-ski trails. Now that I’ve skied some of these resorts, I realize my opinion was based on an assumption that my experience at some of the resorts was true for all of the resorts in the Alps

Top of Villars above Montreux

Assuming what was or is true some of the time to be true all of the time is how we get trapped in Big Assumptions that can limit our options and block attempts to make changes that challenge those assumptions. If your new years resolutions have already faded, maybe it's time to stop blaming your lack of willpower and start looking at your big assumptions. To discover how to uncover those big assumptions and successfully challenge them to make the changes that matter most to you, schedule time to talk here.


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