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A Step Beyond

I encourage my clients to step outside of their comfort zone, as there's no other way to change and grow. I stepped outside my own comfort zone a year ago when I showed up in Verbier to teach skiing. Over the season I learned how to be present and thrive when everything I had to know and learn threatened to overwhelm me.

Place Blanche, Verbier, Switzerland

I returned to Verbier last week to start my second season and discovered my comfort zone now included skiing, teaching, and living in (during the winter and spring holidays) Verbier. From this expanded comfort zone, I have a fresh and deeper empathy to share with my students and fellow instructors as they strive to find comfort and confidence with whatever threatens to overwhelm them. Helping clients step outside their comfort zone and discover new capabilites is what I do as a coach. If you’d like to expand what's possible for you, please book an exploratory session here.

Mont-Gelé, Mont Fort, and Bec de Rosses above Verbier


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