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Outside In

Outside – In

When what you’re doing isn’t getting you what you want, it may be time to look inside. There’s many ways to do this of course, but for me, going outside helps me look inside.

Simply going out the door certainly helps, but going out the door and into somewhere with grass, trees, dirt and sky is what I really crave. Moving through that grass and dirt doing something that requires presence and attention works even better for me, because it helps me quiet the noise in my head so I can hear my soul and spirit speak.

Deep inside, where my soul and spirit reside, I look for wisdom to know what I need beyond what I think I want, or wish to escape from in the moment. That’s where I hear that simple inner voice that says, “This, not that”. “Yes, or no”. “Do, or don’t”.

Sitting quietly with my tea first thing in the morning, inside or out, can be all I need sometimes. Sometimes it takes a walk, at other times it takes a 3-hour bike ride, and occasionally I need a multi-day excursion into the wilds.

I’ve been going out to go in since my first overnight in the woods behind my folk’s house at about age 11. I’ll always remember cracking the eggs the next morning into the bacon grease left in the frying pan after cooking over the fire, and having the grease completely cover the eggs. Those were tasty eggs!

When you’re stuck and need a change, try going out to go in, or find your own way to quiet down and look inside for the part of you that knows what you need to do and who you need and want to be. When it’s time for a change, look in first.

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