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I’ve been blessed with knowing the why behind the what and how for most of my adult life. I’ve wandered hither and yon at times, but the call of my why always got louder the farther and longer I strayed, and always pulled me back. Now my why is calling me to help others hear and follow their own why.

My why is sacred, because it defines me in the most basic, personal and intimate ways. I’m happy to share details of my why if asked, but mine has nothing to do with yours.

What is this why I speak of? It can be why you do or don’t get up in the morning. Why you love your job, or why you don’t. It could also be why you love where and with whom you live, or why you don’t. It’s behind both small and big parts of what you do and who you are. I could be why you like you corn but not potato chips or why you are devoted to the faith you follow.

When you know your why, you can use it to craft a life that aligns with your deepest convictions and values, and leads to your most cherished dreams. Knowing it can get you in motion when you’re stuck in neutral. I can be your guide to what to do, and not to do. Knowing your why can help you find fulfillment where you are, doing what you’re doing know, or to decide to make a change. In a world where changing jobs, careers, and hometowns once or twice a decade is common, knowing your why provides a way to know which options, changes, jobs, and other choices align with your deepest self.

Schedule a complimentary powerful conversation with me today to start exploring or to begin a journey of discovery toward your own why

What's your why?

What's Your Why?

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